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Thank you for your interest in our blog. Protecting your personal data is one of our most important commitments. Therefore, we would very much like to inform you about our data protection here on Zalando Fashion News. We are under the laws of the Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (TMG), and other data protection rules.

You can trust us with your personal data! It is encrypted by digital security systems when sent to us. We take technical measures against data trespassing, destruction, damage and computer viruses. We are protected against unauthorized access.

About data protection

Our data protection includes protecting your personal data. These are according to ยง 3
Abs. 1 BDSG either business- or personal details and relations of an identifiable person. This includes, for example, information such as name, postal address, e-mail address and phone number,, but also usage data such as your IP address.

Information about data collection and storage

In general, we do not need your personal data for our blog, so you do not have to provide any personal information on our website. But to help us improve our services and what we can provide to you, we may need your personal information. This applies to the delivery of ordered products and goods, and also for answering individual requests.

When providing you with our service and delivering products to your home, we generally have to collect and store your personal information to the extent that is necessary for providing our services and according to the implement of our contract. This may require that your personal data is passed on to companies that provide service to us, or those whom we have a management contract with. These are for example, delivery and transport companies, and other service companies. In these situations we perform acts or transactions that require your personal data to be saved and collected by us. If you express your consent request for these on our website, we will also include you in our:

- Newsletter mailing
- Lottery participation

Credit- or age verification will enable our services of:

- Payment methods
- Personalization of our website for you

- Additional services and offers may also require collection or your personal data. These services are only provided with your expressed consent and agreement.

After completed management of contract, your data is locked and after tax and commercial law it is deleted unless you have expressly agreed to a more extensive use of your data.

If you have registered with your e-mail address to receive our newesletter, we will use your e-mail address according to our contract for our own promotional purposes, until you unsubscribe from our newsletter.

Data collection with Google Analytics

Our site uses Google Analytics, a web analytics device by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses “cookies” to collect information. Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer and used for the analysis of the performance of our website. Cookies tell us about for example operating system information, the browser you use, your IP address, your previously accessed websites (referrer URL) and the date and time of your visit on our website. The information generated by this text file information is provided by a Google Server in USA and is also stored there. Google will use this information to evaluate the use of our site, compiling reports on website activity for website owners, and also putting together further website activity analysis for other sites and internet related services.
Unless otherwise required by law that information is not disclosed to any third parties, Google will provide information and processed data to third parties. This use is anonymous or done by pseudonym. More information on this is directly available on Google. As a user of websites you can deactivate all your DART-cookies.

Data protection concerning network and content network of Google.

No direct personal data of our users is saved, only the Internet protocol address. This information is automatically stored and on your next visit to our website it will recognize your profile, making it easier for you to navigate. Cookies allow us for example, to adapt a website according to your interests or stored passwords, so you do not have to enter your password manually each time as you log onto a site that you’ve visited several times before.

Of course you can use our website without storing your cookies. If you do not wish that sites will remember cookies on your computer, you can prevent from from storing them on your hard disk. Prevent the collection of cookies by ticking the box “do not store any of my cookies” (or similar) in your browser settings. To see how this works in detail, you should look up the instructions for the browser you use. If you do not store any cookies, this may lead to functional restrictions on our site and our offers.

You can prevent the installation of your cookies by selecting the appropriate settings when using your browser. You will have to deactivate the option or setting for collecting cookies by your browser. For more information, you should look up the instructions for your Internet broser.

Collection and storage of user data

To optimize our website we collect and store data such as date and time of page request, the page from which you accessed our site and other information. This is done anonymously, without us being able to identify you personally. If necessary, user profiles with pseudonyms are created. Here, no connection is made between the pseudonym and the person behind the profile that is created. For the collection and storage of usage data we also use cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your computer, and we also store statistical information such as which operating system you use, your internet browser, IP address and your previously accessed websites (referrer URLS). We also store your date of visit. The data we collect is exclusively meant for statistical purposes. We use it to continue to optimize our site and to make it more attractive. The collection and storage of data is done only in anonymous or pseudonymous form, and will not reveal your identity.

Assigned data use

We adhere to the principle of assigned data-use and collecting, processing and storage of your personal data only for the purposes we have told you, and those which you have given us by sharing your data. We will never disclose your personal information to third parties without your expressed consent, unless the services provided by us for you require personal data according contract execution. Also, the sending of personal data to authorized state institutions and authorities only takes place within statutory disclosure requirements, or if a court order demands the required information to be provided to them.

We also take corporate data protection very seriously. Our employees, the firms and the service companies we work with are also complied to secrecy and committed to the data protection laws we are under.

Information and revocation of your data

Information about all your stored data is available at any time, and you do not have to give any reason to receive information about your details. You can always choose to block, correct or delete data collected by us. Also, you can consent to the collection of data without explanation or reason. To do so, please contact stated persons in the “contact”/”about us” – page. We will help you will all your questions about your data privacy and the processing for your personal data.

Please note, that the data protection rules and the collection of data from services such as Google Analytics, are changing continuously. It is therefore advisable and necessary, to keep yourself informed about changes in law and the developments in practice of companies such as Google.

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