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Fashion and style are very personal and so are the people who present it.  It’s easy to lose individual voice in today’s world where so many things are run mainstream from behind a computer screen.  Therefore, it is essential to acquaint ourselves with the cyberspace gatekeepers of style and what makes them tick.

Blog Banter: Meek-n-Mild

If you could take over as head designer for any fashion house, which one would it be, and what would be the inspiration for your first collection?

I quite like Versace. I’ve always loved the prints. I’d probably in incorporate some amazing African Print into some of the designs! Read more…



Blog Banter: Stella’s Wardrobe

There are millions of fashion blogs online today, how do you make yours stand out from the rest?

I don’t really look at any other blogs, I just do my own thing. I dress how I like and stopped caring what other people thought about what I wear a long time ago. I try to create balanced outfits that are unique and reflect my sense of style and as there is only one of me I guess that makes the blog stand out! Read more…

Blog Banter: Missing Amsie

If you had to have one outfit permanently attached to your body forEVER,  what would the outfit be, from hat to shoes?

This is actually a tough question to answer because I have to also take in perspective of if I’ll have kids, what the weather will be like, down to when I become a grandma.
I’d say a classic Chanel tweed jacket and skirt, with kitten heels. That look will never go out of style and I’d love to be a grandma wearing Chanel! Read more…

Blog Banter: The Babble Emporium

What are your top 3 fashion blogs and why?

If I had to choose three I’d probably go with: Style Gossiper as Amanda has such a fresh take on style- the outfit’s she puts together are phenomenal; Fab Frocks because Tor always has the most interesting style stories to tell, and my ultimate favourite has to be Fashion Foie Gras. I literally check Emily’s blog at least twice a day, not only does she spend an incredible amount of time and care over her blog, but she writes news and personal fashion stories too- it’s a must read! Read more…

Blog Banter: Gracie Carroll

Why did you decide to start writing your blog.

I decided to start writing my first blog, London Snog, right before I moved abroad to London, UK as a way for friends and family to keep in touch with my adventures overseas. It evolved to become more of a fashion + diary blog, and I was overwhelmed by the incredible response it received. Later on I launched my second blog called Joli Lapin which was all about food, my recipes, decor and fun lifestyle things. Read more…

Blog Banter: Prince Cassius

When and why did you start blogging?
I actually started a year ago this week. Celebrating my first year J. Basically, I was invited to all the shows at London Fashion Week last year, I sat front row to everything and a lady besides me asked what do you do? I replied I just graduated and not sure yet. She then asked what do you plan to do with attending all the shows? I replied just to enjoy them. She then recommended me to the world of blogging and said since you love writing and fashion why don’t you open one? And the next day I did. Read more…

Blog Banter: Lisa from Lisa’s Locker

When did you first start blogging?

I started blogging back in 2009 but it wasn’t until 2011 I fully committed myself to the blog in a bid to keep inspired over the final months at university. Read more…

Blog Banter: The Chic Geek

What are the biggest trends in menswear this A/W and what are your top tips?

The biggest trend is texture, be it mohair knits under suits, shearling lined boots or thick Teddy Bear style coats. Top tip is to spend the majority of your money on a good coat and a quality pair of shoes or boots. These items pull together the rest of your outfit. Read more…

Blog Banter: Carmel @ hauterfly events

What was the inspiration for your blog?

Originally it was supposed to be a place where I could document the fashion events I organise, but it’s gone down other avenues. I wanted to share my own outfits and what I was liking in the fashion industry. I am inspired by conversations with interesting people – be it someone I know really well or a complete stranger. Read more…

Blog Banter: Caroline from COSMICaroline

What was the inspiration for your blog? 

I’ve always enjoyed playing with different textures and colors when it came to putting my style together.  I think that styling what goes on your back is a piece of art.  It’s an expression of you, your soul, and how you want others to perceive you.  It can be a disguise, it can be a costume, it can be extremely minimal, or it can make jaws drop and eyes do a triple-take.  So, while I was enjoying styling strange pieces and exciting myself over the possibilities at hand, my love for music, art, travelling, photography, and general inspiration was growing stronger.  I’ve come to accept the fact that I need a larger outlet besides a tiny hemp journal.  This is my outlet and the inspiration comes from all angles. Read more…

Blog Banter: Our Youth

How did you come up with the name „Our Youth“?

I like the whole ”concept” of being young. It’s not a matter of age. You can be 80 and you can still be Our Youth (if you like to). Think and feel young. And a bit lost. I wanted to call my blog ”Jeunesse Dorée” but I think the name is not catchy enough and probably too hard to remember. So I chose Our Youth. Why? Hm. I think I have got Peter-Pan-syndrome. ”My Youth” sounds too self-centred and ”Our Youth” seemed all right. Every single reader is invited to be a part of our virtual youth. Read more…

Blog Banter: Interview with Paula from PinkBow

When and why did you start blogging?

I have been blogging now for two and a half years, initially set up as a creative space for inspirations and things of interest but evolving more into a documentation of my own life and interests and using my own photography. Read more…


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