Chanel goes Ice Age at Paris Fashion Week

“Nature is the best designer,” claimed Karl Lagerfeld backstage at his Chanel a/w ’12 show which took place yesterday at the Grand Palais in Paris. The setting for the show was inspired by a cubist exhibition he’d recently seen in Prague, a setting which saw hundreds of different sized crystalline shapes scattered amongst the catwalk. Lagerfeld described it as, “A city of sky scrapers that had exploded,” a fitting description, although it kind of reminded me of what an apocalyptic New York City would look like.

The show itself featured custom made eyebrows, made by legendary couture embroidery house, Lesage, and something that’s been missing for a few seasons at the French fashion house, colour! After last years monochrome and spring’s pastels, it was time for a change and colour made a welcome return in the form of purple printed chiffon, rich olives, burgundy reds and electric blues, all set of course, against that classic Chanel background of black and grey.

Image: via getty images

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