Prada Presents… The 24 Hours Museum

On Tuesday 24th January, Prada’s ’24 hours museum’ opened for, yes you’ve guessed it, 24 hours. The Museum was designed by Italian artist, Francesco Vezzoli, who with the help of AMO (the think tank of Dutch architect Rem Koolhaa’s OMA Studio) was able to turn Paris’s historic Palais D’iéna into an incredible gallery space housing an impressive installation. It was divided up into 3 sections, each representing a particular type of museum space; historic, modern day and ‘forgotten’. Each section offered 5 meter high, neoclassical sculptures of contemporary celebrities or ‘disco sculptures’ as Vezzoli called them. The concept behind the museum was to reflect upon how art is presented and consumed. This was demonstrated by placing each part of the exhibition in a different space, thereby creating contrasting environments for the installations to exist in. Vezzoli’s vision was to create a museum that existed for just 24 hours and which is also celebrated a collective that mixes together visitors, red-carpet, Oedipus’ complex and night visions.

To mark the opening, an intimate dinner party was held for a select handful of fashion A-listers; Anna Wintour, Dita Von Teese, Anna Dello Russo and Emmanuelle Alt to name but a few. After the dinner finished the real fun began with the Palais D’iéna becoming the perfect backdrop for a party where Kate Moss was the DJ! Attendees were able to dance into the early hours under the pink neon glow of Vezzoli’s sculptures. There has also been an online incarnation of the ’24 hour museum’ in the form of a facebook application where users can upload a picture of themselves to create their own portrait in the style of Vezzoli’s icons which will then be featured on the 24 hour museum’s website. I was quite impressed with mine, click here to get yours!

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