Blog Banter: Missing Amsie

This week we interviewed Wida from Missing Amsie, a 21 year old blogger from Ohio, America. Her aim, through her blog, is to make her readers love themselves and others and to ensure her readers that there is no need to struggle with self-image, “because you are already perfect. You are the beauty in life itself.”

When and why did you start blogging?

I started my blogging journey in January of 2011, after deciding that there wasn’t enough fashion inspiration where I live, which is in a small city in Ohio.
I felt like I couldn’t connect to any one here, so why not make a blog and connect to people around the world who share the same passion?

Describe your blog in 3 words.

Inspiring. Transcendent. Honest.

What are you doing apart from being a blogger?

I currently train in Ninjutsu and am trying to discover new talents. I’m exploring drawing classes all the way to rock-climbing classes!

Who are your style icons from past and present?

Jackie O. from the past, and Alexa Chung in the present.

What are your 3 key pieces of clothing in your winter wardrobe this year?

A chunky sweater, a faux-fur jacket, and jeans.

Who is your favourite designer and why?
I have two favorite designers actually, they are the masterminds behind the brand Marchesa. Everyone of their pieces stirs up a raw emotion in me that is indescribable.
They both have extreme talent in what they do, and every one of their pieces tells a story.

If you could take over as head designer for any fashion house, which one would it be, and what would be the inspiration for your first collection?

I’d have to say Chanel, because there is a beautiful history to how Chanel started, and what it has become today. For my inspiration, I’d go back to the roots of the
brand when it first started. Taking inspiration from the woman who created a legacy.

If you had to have one outfit permanently attached to your body forEVER,  what would the outfit be, from hat to shoes?

This is actually a tough question to answer because I have to also take in perspective of if I’ll have kids, what the weather will be like, down to when I become a grandma.
I’d say a classic Chanel tweed jacket and skirt, with kitten heels. That look will never go out of style and I’d love to be a grandma wearing Chanel!

Your ultimate fashion faux-pas?

I’d say the ’90s denim trend. Where dresses, tops, accessories were made out of denim. Not in a good way.

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