Blog Banter: Prince Cassius

Next up on our blog banter, we’ve had a chat with the fabulous Prince Cassius. Fashion designer, fashion writer and Michael Jackson fan alike, he has become a celebrity in the world of blogging and talks bow ties, blazers and velvet shoes with us. What do you think ─ is he the next Gok Wan?

1. When and why did you start blogging?
I actually started a year ago this week. Celebrating my first year J. Basically, I was invited to all the shows at London Fashion Week last year, I sat front row to everything and a lady besides me asked what do you do? I replied I just graduated and not sure yet. She then asked what do you plan to do with attending all the shows? I replied just to enjoy them. She then recommended me to the world of blogging and said since you love writing and fashion why don’t you open one? And the next day I did.

2. Do you have a fashion role model (male or female)?
I certainly do just like everyone else. I love Michael Jackson stylish 70’s 80’s era, Richard James for his sophisticated wear and Dylan Jones for his impacable style.

3. How would you describe your style in three words?
Glamour and Hertigate with a twist!

4. What is your favourite shopping destination in the entire world?
My favoutite destination would have to be London, New York and Berlin. I absolutely love each city and what they represent. The vintage stores and the street styles. I just love it!!


5. If you could take over as head designer for any fashion house, which one would it be, and what would be the inspiration for your first collection?
I would love love to design for H&M my first collection would be an inspiration between Colonial British year with an edge of 70’s and 80’s.

6. If you had to have one outfit permanently attached to your body for EVER, what would the outfit be, from hat to shoes?
It would certainly have to be my bow ties. I’m a bow tie addict in fact my friends call me the Prince of Bow Ties.
7. If you were told that you were not allowed to work in fashion again, what career would you choose, and why?
I would have loved to be an actor and musician. I’ve been creative from a young age, always loved performing, singining but never had the push to do them.

8. Must-have items in EVERY man’s wardrobe?
Every man must always have a pair of stylish jeans, tailored blazer, and velvet shoes. Velvet Slipper shoes have surged in popularity within the last year or so. While they are not intended for every day wear, they do provide a refined charm to any outfit.  Being fashionable during built, means you should be equally fashionable 24/7.

9. Your ultimate style secret?
My ultimate style secret would be telling lol. No but I would say this to every man and woman everyone is born unique and a style. You just need to work out what works for you, the colours, style and patterns. Then once you do you can work around that to create a more upgraded look.

10. Do’s?
Always leave your house presentatble.
Mannerism goes a long way even in fashion.
Be confident with what you wear – don’t let your cloths take over you – you take over the cloths.

11. Don’ts?
Mixing too much colours can be a disaster.
Please please always buy a size that flatters and works on your shape.

12. What was your biggest fashion faux-pas?
I would have to say this never happens but once I bought a roll neck jumper and was in a taxi getting ready off to a media party and I completely forgot to but a stregthy neck and my hair ended up ripping the neck part to the back. I was mortified and had nothing else to wear so I took a pin and slipped the back.

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