Uncle Karl is at it Again

I swear, the man doesn’t sleep.  How in the world does he do it all?  In addition to filming the series of Magnum commercials to promote the ice cream in the US, Karl Lagerfeld has gotten back into the director’s chair for another short film, The Tale of a Fairy, which he debuted in Cap d’Antibes on Monday night, shown in unison with his Chanel Cruise Collection 2011/2012 as a precursor to the Cannes Film Festival.  The film is now available on the Chanel website.

Karl Lagerfeld at the debut of the Chanel Cruise Collection (style.com)

The film stars Vogue cover model Freja Beha-Erichsen, Chanel ambassadress Anna Mouglalis, Kristen McMenamy, Lady Amanda Harlech, Brad Koening, and of course Lagerfeld’s favourite Baptiste Giabiconi.

Karl described the film as being about “ill-advised use of money which begins with violence and ends with feeling.”

He also admitted that some people might be “shocked” because the film features Beha-Erichsen topless and at one point lip locked with Mouglalis.  To be honest, we are more “shocked” at how Karl can be everywhere at once.  Has he had the Chanel creative team clone him so that he can live on forever?  I sure hope so.

Freja Beha-Erichsen and Anna Mouglalis in The Tale of a Fairy (style.com)

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