Zalando picks of the week (yes, there are too many as always…)

Houston, we have a product overload. I am so sorry, but I did not have the heart to delete neither the ballerinas, nor the men’s shoes…
Unfortunately though, UK people won’t be able to order anything yet (you will have to wait for the goodies, sorry again) – but if you have an address available for shipping in either Holland, France, Germany or Austria; you are in luck!

Okay, so you don’t live there (I know it’s a tough one), but at least you are getting a preview of what is coming your way in some time (I am very excited myself)…

As you can see there are a lot of shoes (I would have liked to show you even more), also really effortless menswear (look at that cozy duffel from Tommy Hilfiger, it is unisex too) and beauty products. I have never lived by the saying that “a LBD is a must in the closet”, but still I find that i usually go with black dresses on more dressy occasions when I do not know what to wear. Thankfully, we have different versions of those too…

Brands that are shown here are for example Liebeskind (the pea-green ballerinas), Ilse Jacobsen, Victoria Delef (that is the leopard handbag), Pretty Ballerinas (I know you are getting excited now), Replay, Annick Goutal (lovely french perfumer), Humör, By Marlene Birger, UGG, Dr Marten’s, See by Chloè, French connection and many more…

So, there will be a couple of months more where those of you from the UK still will not be eligible to buy from our website (I know, it is really sad), but you can have a look at our products and that will maybe give you an impression of all those lovely things that are about to come… You should check in regularly here though, and  look for new products, brands and happenings that will occur before our UK launch (hurray!).

So until then, review the contents of this blog as a non-religious fasting of fashion (or maybe religious, depends on how you see it) and a relief for your wallet (window-shopping is very healthy for you).

If you can’t wait (of course you can’t wait!) , take a look at our website, hopefully you do not mind learning a little bit of German or French on the way as you (J’adore is good for starters). We have thousands of products…

Germany/Austria Zalando
Holland Zalando
France Zalando

Happy browsing!

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